Spring Flowers

Bird of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise

The bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is native to South Africa. Foliage and flowers are spectacular. To ensure flowering, it is grown outside during the summer and inside at the fall. During the winter, it…

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the mimulus bach flower

The Mimulus

The mimulus, also called mimules, are herbaceous plants that can be grown as annuals. In Quebec there are species that grow naturally (Mimulus ringens and M. moschatus). These low, bushy plants reach a height of…

impress with amaryllis

Impress With Amaryllis

If you prefer colorful flowers, luxurious, huge … consider the amaryllis. The flowers of this houseplant can grow up to 20 cm thick and each flower stalks can carry up to six! The amaryllis is…

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Check Roots When Repotting

Spring is the ideal time to repot houseplants that appear in need. Repotting is also an opportunity to visually inspect the condition of the roots. Indeed, the enemies and plant problems are not always visible…